About Shubhrata Prakash

Shubhrata Prakash is a writer, poet, blogger and civil servant. A graduate in Mathematics and post-graduate in Business Management, she has briefly worked in the world of advertising, before joining the Indian Revenue Service.

Shubhrata is the author of “The D Word: A Survivor’s Guide to Depression” (Pan Macmillan India, 2016), a book where she uses her own experiences with Major Depressive Disorder (MDD), to help people with MDD, and their families, turn their lives around. “The D Word” also provides society a glimpse into what Depression is all about, and thus hopes to combat the social stigma associated with MDD.

Shubhrata is also the author of “Ink On Water”, a collection of poems, which were written over a 20-year period, and published in 2015.

Shubhrata blogs at www.talktalkmein.blogspot.in. Her blog posts are general and conversational in nature, featuring book and movie reviews, among others. She likes to paint, listen to music and dream. If an addiction were to be picked, it would definitely be reading for her.